The Sunday Times

“The most realistic self defence system in the UK today”

Combat Magazine

“It (Krav Maga) has more self defence cred than any other system we know about – and we know quite a bit about the subject!”

GQ Magazine

Best in the World for self defence. It is totally practical, no flashy kicks or great spiritual angle.

British Krav Maga Leeds Gradings

British Krav Maga certified training

  • Up to 1500 kcal / hour
  • 15 participants
  • Intensity: High

British Krav Maga has a conservative approach toward the awarding of grades.   British Krav Maga view grading as a byproduct of consistent focused training and not as a goal in it’s self. Accordingly, students are ‘invited to grade’ when the instructor is sure they are ready.

The grading process provides a route map for the development of the Kravist.   The process of preparing for the assessment focuses student training and enhances standards of performance across the board. Gradings have become a route map on the path to self improvement but are not viewed as an end in themselves.

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What our students say

“I did a 5 day intensive course with Mike and my two seventeen year old son and daughter.

I had boxed before and done a bit of karate when I was younger, so have had some experience of self defence instruction, and have been an active registered coach for football and rugby over the last 12 years.

I have never come across any instructor with the level of teaching skill, and ability that Mike has. He was able to get the best from all three of us, and teach to our own particular skills and abilities, which varied across the group.

The system is brutal, and the physical exertion in 5 hours a day was significant, but throughout Mike was patient, knowledgeable, and fantastic at motivating us (without the cheezy, American-style insincerity that the verb suggests). The additional nutritional advice thrown in for free was fantastic.

As a criminal lawyer for the last 25 years, I am only too aware of the arbitrariness of violence. I hope that my kids never, ever need to use what they were taught, but I would rather they have the knowledge and not need it, than need it and not have it. I cannot think that there is anybody else who could have done a better job than Mike did, and I cannot thank him enough.”

Damien MorrisonCriminal Lawyer

“I signed up for Krav classes with Mike as I wanted to learn a new skill along with keeping in shape and doing something I had not tried before. As a big fan of boxing and MMA I had not had much previous knowledge about Krav and was unsure about weather it would be “up my street” however I had previously done a small amount of wing chun.

Mike was not only a great instructor, and very accomplished in taking the class and getting the best out of all his students. He was also a great chap, and extremely personable with everyone who came along (and also funny and easy going).

Anyone thinking of taking up Krav either as an extra hobby, out of curiosity, or simply for fitness and fun I would say go for it. I had a great time at my evening classes and met some great people from a range of backgrounds and age groups.”

James BulmerTrains with Mike at British Krav Maga Leeds

“Mike is a very talented instructor, he really knows his stuff and helped me get started learning Krav!”

Dominic SatterthwaiteFashion Photographer

“Excellent teacher, fun classes!”

Daniel PheaseyTrains with Mike at British Krav Maga Leeds

“Michael is a great instructor. He really listens to you and has a great level of in-depth knowledge and mastery of technique to share. Would 100% recommend.”

Nicholas HabibWeb Engineer

“Great Instructor in Mike. Great guy down to earth, long Krav background and extensive fitness/performance background. A great place to start.”

Paul GreyHead of the BKMA

What we do in this class:

The Grading Programme focuses on starting from a position of disadvantage and being put under pressure to test the students skills in a realistic violent situation. The Kravist has learnt a range of block, reversals and releases against common attacks standing, sitting and on the ground. Common scenarios:

  • Verbal Threats and Demands
  • Chokes, grips and holds
  • Being on the ground
  • Weapons (edged, impact and firearms)
  • Multiple attackers

Mikes training philosophy is to focus on correct movement first before gradually increasing the speed and intensity to ensure that the skills can be performed under pressure and stress. The benefit of this method is that it doesn’t matter what level you are at, you will slowly learn the skill and then speed it up until you have mastered it. When we reach the stage of a grading you will test these skills under high pressure and intensity, sometimes against multiple attackers. It’s fast, it’s effective and it works.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class so Mike  can introduce himself and speak with you before training commences.

Beginners are most welcome. No experience is required.

Please bring along:

Please bring the following to your first class:

Training kit – shorts/training bottoms and T shirt

2 X 500 ml bottles of fluid

Protective equipment if owned (groin guards, gum shields etc)


  • April

    End of Semester 1

  • August

    End of Semester 2

  • December

    End of Semester 3

Suitable for:

Over 18’s

All abilities

Trigger Alert – Replicates violence and street crime, may feature some adult themes & scenarios